Voip Specialist /Back Office Engineer

Engineering Apply before: 2019-09-23

Duties:  Monitor, identify and troubleshoot performance issues for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) traffic to ensure continued, uninterrupted operation and support user needs where required. Troubleshoot connectivity, quality of service, break/fix, voice quality, and configuration issues within the hosted VoIP environment using troubleshooting tools including VoIP monitor and Wireshark etc. Troubleshoot product issues through analyzing logs, error message and network trace and provide technical support and solution to customer. Perform production environment monitoring for alarms and performance issues on systems, applications and network/customer connectivity. Perform backend systems call routing configuration for partners/providers based upon their needs and other KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Perform backend configuration to integrate new SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) calling traffic, DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing) configuration for anonymous calling and other IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solutions. Conduct call test for different use case scenarios and evaluate call/ voice quality with predefined KPIs as required by on boarding partners. Configure dashboard, filter, and alarms for proactive monitoring and fraud prevention using enterprise level monitoring tools. Update billing database with latest pricing from providers for our voice and verification product. Conduct incident handling and reporting for issues affecting priority customers, notify the partner as per priority definition and communicate method defined in incident protocol. Analyze daily quality reports to ensure quality in terms of daily margin surveillance, ACD/ASR (Average Call Duration / Automatic Speech Recognition) and generation of country-specific quality reports using business intelligence software including Tableau or database when needed or required. Actively develop process to improve internal communication, customer experience, and quality of service. document the processes. Provide support for calling/messaging/verification products to customers. Assist customers in integrating programmable APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) into their applications, with a focus on the best way to apply our technology to serve their use case. Serve as internal technical support resource to assist with identifying and resolving customer service performance and invoicing issues. Work with sales department on complex customer engagements.



Bachelor's degree in electrical or electronics engineering, mathematics, or related field.

2 years as Electrical Engineer or related in the following:  SIP protocol, issues identification in different call flows/scenarios and using tools to troubleshoot problems including MOS Score, Jitter, and Delay; Working with SIP Proxies, PBX, IVR, DID, Number portability; Multimedia technologies and protocols including VoIP, SIP, RTP, WebRTC and voices codecs G.711, G.729, telephony signal H.323; OSI model and network protocols including TCP/IP, UDP, and HTTP; Programming languages such as SQL, C/C++, Python, JSON, or comparable; Messaging protocol SMPP; Tools such as VoIP monitor, Wireshark, DbVisualizer.